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Before donating one dollar (USD 1 / $1 only or more as chosen by you from our 5 membership package options) to become our VIP Member, please ensure that you read, understand & whole heartedly agree to our simple terms & conditions mentioned here.

While donating an amount of $1 (means paying us) with help of your credit/debit card/PayPal A/c, you are agreeing that you have fully understood below mentioned points (sentences written in English language) and you will cooperate with us by completely following these conditions written below:

  1. You understand that we are providing you internet marketing /online business development / website development / SEO related information service via this website (domain name:, for which you are interested to donate USD 1 only (One Dollar only) to appreciate our hard work in gathering all necessary information at one place (means at this website), which is actually helping you to get all website development & online business development related suggestive information without spending several sleepless nights and helping you to save thousands of days labour work, which were needed to gather all these final necessary information at one place.
  2. You also understand that we (the owners & other employees of this domain/website are not responsible if any tool(s) do not work as per your expectation, which you will be able to download from VIP Membership section (pages/posts) after you will become our VIP Member by donating One Dollar donation. And you are accepting the fact and you agree that you will not ask for refund of the donated $1 (one dollar only) if one or more tools do not work on your system / website / blog for any reason after you will download it via our VIP Membership section.
  3. You also understand & agree to the fact before giving donation of $1 that none of the tools/scripts/themes/plugins etc. (which can be downloaded by visiting & accessing our VIP Membership section pages/posts) are cracked by us (i.e. the owners & all employees of this website/domain) and you agree you before purchase of VIP Membership access rights by donating $1 that in no circumstances you will held us responsible if any of the tools malfunction after downloading and if you face any technical or legal issues for using any of these tools/scripts/themes/plugins etc.
  4. By donating USD 1 (One Dollar / $1) to become a VIP Members (Subscriber/User of our website) to avail our VIP Membership service on this website You agree that you understand the fact that the word “cracked seo tools” mentioned in our domain/website name (or in any pages or posts) does not mean that we (the owners & all members of our team) have cracked or modified any of the downloadable scripts/tools/themes/plugins by ourselves & you agree that you (and anybody else known/unknown to you directly or indirectly) will never take any unpleasant or legal action against us (& any members of our team) in any manner for distributing any of these downloadable files via this website or in any other manner.
  5. Before donating $1 you also understand that your donation will help us to arrange basic food for a less fortunate child, while our hard work to arrange these vast information at one place (i.e. in our website) will help you to learn about latest technology & online business/internet marketing strategies utilizing which you can grow your potentiality to earn money online via your legitimate online business presence. Keeping this humanity fact in mind, as a responsible human being you are kindly agreeing at this moment (means before donating) not to ask for refund of your $1 (One dollar only) donation from us in any circumstances.
  6. By accepting this terms & conditions you agree that you will use these download tools/scripts/themes/plugins etc. for your personal learning purpose only.
  7. We strongly request you to use these scripts/themes/plugins/tools as long as you wish for learning purpose only, and once you will feel confident about these tools & decide to use these tools commercially for your business for many years, then please purchase most updated version available at that time from the original developer by paying full amount to the person.
  8. By donating USD 1 (One dollar only / $1) you also agree that you are happy with all services we are providing via this website & you also agree whole heartedly our service concept and you are happily donating USD 1 ($1) to show your appreciation about our service & you are encouraging us to continue our service and/or our cause of doing everything we are doing here.
  9. You also understand that the main difference between us and the developers are that we do not offer any support. We are doing the required restless hard work to gather all scattered valuable information at one place, so that you can concentrate on learning the latest technologies and you save enormous R&D time to grow yourself as web developer, online business marketer and that way you ultimately earn huge money by expanding your online business and presence.
  10. Therefore, if you need support from the very first day and if you do not know basics of web, then please purchase software from the developer directly, who will charge you huge amount of money to provide technical support for just one product. If you love technology, then we suggest you try and learn technology yourself first. You will loose nothing, but will only gain huge knowledge and You will become an expert by learning yourself.
  11. Technical support terms of each software  sometime varies, so we suggest to be sure to check out what you will be paying for when you purchase the product directly from them.
  12. We are not connected, associated or endorsed by any of the companies whose products information available on this site. Any mention of these companies is purely so that our customers are not misled as to the original source of the product and so they have the choice whether to buy from us or from them.
  13. Please note we will provide Email support for our respected VIP members (based on package) for issues related to our website service only. We will NOT provide any technical or troubleshooting support for any of the software applications/scripts/tools/OS that you might download from your membership area to learn by your own. We cannot provide this type of technical support because if we do then in that case we will not be able to provide you this unique opportunity to download a copy of these popular applications/scripts for your own benefit at such a negligible cheap price. If you need technical support for any of the applications, we suggest you to please purchase the latest copy of that application from the core developer of that application because they will charge you huge amount of money but will also provide you technical support for that one product.
  14. If you are really interested to learn about Web development to do Online business to earn money working at home, please just donate $1 (USD 1 Only!) to try & learn some very useful popular web development apps, tools, themes, plugins, OS, software etc.

Please donate $1 (One dollar only) with humanity in mind & learning expectations only. Please don’t ask for refund, because your kind donation of $1 (one dollar only) will be used to arrange basic living food for a less fortunate child.


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